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If I have a warrant what do I do next?

Come to our office or we will meet with you to sign a bond. We then go to the warrant/court office with you to get a new court date. You will need to bring a current photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport) with you. Once we walk you through the process, you will be given a reminder slip with your new court date telling you when and where to show up, usually within the next few weeks.

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California Arrest Warrant Information

California Warrant Check - An Overview

California Warrant Check is a detailed process that civilians and law enforcement can use to locate individuals with outstanding arrest warrants. Warrants are typically issued when an individual fails to appear in court or violates the terms of their probation agreement or being accused of an alleged crime. California has one of the largest warrant databases in the country, and it is essential to understand how the process works before attempting to search. We will provide an overview of California's warrant search process and some tips for conducting a successful search.

What Is a California Warrant Search?

When California residents want to find out if they have an active arrest warrant, they can do a California warrant search. If you're not sure what an arrest warrant is or how it works, don't worry, we'll explain everything more as we go. An arrest warrant is a document issued by a judge. This document gives law enforcement the authority to arrest an individual. The warrant will specify the crime that the individual is accused of committing. There are two types of California warrants: bench warrants and arrest warrants. Bench warrants are issued when an individual fails to appear in court for a hearing or trial. Arrest warrants are issued when there is probable cause to believe that an individual has committed a crime.

How To Conduct A California Warrant Check:

If you are interested in conducting a California warrant search, a few options are available to you. You can either go through the county sheriff's office website or the Superior Court of California's website, an online database. If you want faster and better service you can just call us first! We will check if you have a warrant.

County Sheriff's Office Website

However, the most common method for conducting a California warrant check is the county sheriff's office website. The process is some-what simple and can be done online.

First, you will need to visit the county sheriff's office website of the county in which you believe the warrant was issued. Once on the website, locate the "Warrant Search" link and click on it. It will take you to the search page.

On the search page, you will be required to enter some basic information about the person you are searching for. It includes the first and last name, date of birth, and gender. You will also need to enter a valid email address to send the results to you.

Once you have entered all the required information, click on the "Search" button. They will send the results of the California warrant search to the email address you provided.

Superior Court Of California's Website:

The California Superior Court offers an online tool to search for criminal court case information by name and case number. The results include the defendant's name, date of birth, last known address, charges filed, and bail amount.

If you have the person's full name and date of birth, you can also try searching for them on the California Attorney General's Office website.

The Police Petition For An Arrest Warrant:

The first thing that the police have to do when they want an arrest warrant is filed a petition with the court. This document has to be in writing, and it needs to be sworn under oath. The oath can be done in person, through facsimile, or by telephone.

The magistrate will then review the information in the petition, and if they find that there is probable cause, they will issue an arrest warrant.

If the information in the petition is insufficient, the magistrate may order the police to bring the witnesses in so that they can be sworn under oath.

Once the warrant has been issued, the police can then arrest the person named in the warrant.