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    Address: 550 South Clay Street, Independence, CA 93526 (760) 878-0370

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Inyo County was established on March 22, 1866 -- formed out of the territory of the unorganized Coso County, which had been created on April 4, 1864 from parts of Mono and Tulare Counties. It acquired more territory from Mono County in 1870 and Kern County and San Bernardino County in 1872. Named for the "dwelling place of the great spirit" in the Mono language, Inyo County has been the historic homeland for thousands of years of the Mono tribe, Coso people, Timbisha, and Kawaiisu Native Americans.

Inyo County

Present-day Native Americans from the Mono, Timbisha, Kawaiisu, and Northern Paiute tribes have called Inyo county home for thousands of years. These forefathers' descendants still reside in Death Valley National Park and the Owens River Valley, respectively, where they have done so for centuries.

Inyo County was established in 1866 from the unorganized Coso County's area, which had been constituted on April 4, 1864, from portions of Tulare County and Mono County. In 1870, Mono County gave it extra land; in 1872, Kern County and San Bernardino County gave it further land.

In 1913, water from the Owens River was diverted into the Los Angeles Aqueduct to service the expanding City of Los Angeles. Environments and civilizations of the Owens River Valley underwent significant change. Much of the valley was acquired by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for water rights and management during the 1910s and 1930s. The Mono Basin was added to the Los Angeles Aqueduct system in 1941 by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Cities of Inyo

There are 11 Towns and Cities located in Inyo County, California, United States: Big Pine Bishop Darwin Death Valley Independence Keeler Little Lake Lone Pine Olancha Shoshone Tecopa

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 10,227 square miles, of which 10,181 square miles is land and 46 square miles (0.5%) is water.