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    San Francisco County Detention Facility

    San Francisco County Jail
    Intake and Release Center, County Jail #2
    Address: 425 - 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, Phone: (415) 554-7225

    County Jail #4
    Address: 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, Phone: (415) 554-7225

    County Jail #5
    Address: 1 Moreland Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066, Phone: (415) 554-7225

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Led by elected Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office (SFSO) protects public safety. More than 1,000 Sheriff’s employees across four divisions serve the people who live and work in, and visit San Francisco. SFSO divisions include: Custody Operations, Field Operations, Administration & Programs, and Planning and Projects.

San Francisco County

Since the separation of what is now San Mateo County in 1856, San Francisco County has been a unified city-county formally recognized as the City and County of San Francisco. It is California's lone instance of this consolidation. The county Board of Supervisors serves as the city council, while the mayor doubles as the county executive. San Francisco has a charter city government with two equal branches: the executive branch, which is led by the mayor and includes other citywide elected and appointed officials as well as the civil service; and the legislative branch, which is led by the president of the 11-member Board of Supervisors and is in charge of passing laws and budgets, though San Franciscans also use other forms of government as well.

In 1849, the San Francisco Police Department was established. The United States Park Police are in charge of guarding the areas of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area that are situated inside the city, such as the Presidio and Ocean Beach. The city's emergency medical services are provided by the San Francisco Fire Department.

The earliest archaeological traces of human presence on the San Francisco area date back to 3000 BC. When a Spanish overland exploratory party (headed by Don Gaspar de Portolá) arrived on November 2, 1769, the first known European visit to San Francisco Bay, the Yelamu tribe of the Ohlone people lived in a few small communities.

The social media boom started in the middle of the 2000s (decade), and San Francisco started to become a popular site for tech offices and a typical area to live for those working at Silicon Valley corporations like Apple and Google.

Cities of San Francisco

There are 1 Town and City located in San Francisco County, California, United States: San Francisco

San Francisco County is located on the West Coast of the United States at the north end of the San Francisco Peninsula and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay within its boundaries..