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    Sierra County Detention Facility

    Sierra County Jail
    Address: 100 Courthouse Square, Downieville, CA 95936 (530) 289-3700

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The mission of the Sierra County Detention Facility is to provide quality and professional services to our public, employees and offenders. Values are to: exceed public expectations; promote human dignity, fairness, and self-worth; achieve fiscal solvency; expect mutual accountability. The primary function of the Detention Facility is to safely and securely detain both pretrial detainees and County-sentenced inmates. However, staff members understand that inmates are subject to deprivations resulting merely from confinement and staff’s role is not to inflict punishment, but to make the inmate’s period of confinement as productive as possible.

Sierra County

Since Loyalton is the only incorporated city and the most populous municipality in Sierra County, the county board of supervisors typically holds half of its meetings in Loyalton and the other half in Downieville. The Sierra County Board of Supervisors, which consists of five people, oversees the county.

The Sierra County Sheriff's Department, led by current Sierra County Sheriff-Coroner Michael "Mike" Fisher, enforces the law. In addition to its main offices in Downieville, the Sheriff's Department also runs a substation in Loyalton because of the county's small population and geographic challenges.

The Maidu and Washoe peoples lived in the region before the California Gold Rush. They often spent the summer months hunting and fishing in higher altitudes before moving back to lower altitudes for the winter. Between 1848 and 1860, more than 16,000 miners settled in Sierra County as a result of the California Gold Rush, which was ignited by the discovery of gold in the Sierra foothills. The North and Middle Forks of the Yuba River, which both contained abundant gold reserves, saw the emergence of the majority of mining communities in the county. Some of the mining boom towns vanished once the gold rush subsided, but others, like Downieville and Sierra City, have persisted.

Cities of Sierra

There are 7 Towns and Cities located in Sierra County, California, United States: Alleghany Calpine Downieville Goodyears Bar Loyalton Sierra City Sierraville

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 962 square mile, of which 953 square miles is land and 9.0 square miles (0.9%) is water.